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Protection Candle

protection candle

2" x 6"
Protection Candle
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POURED 10/31/16.

Sacnctuary Fragrance

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natural wax candles


These black protection ritual candles are hand poured ONLY ONCE A YEAR on October 31. This year, 2016, the Moon was in Scorpio in the 8th House, as was the Sun in Scorpio at the location of the pour. These palm wax candles are scented with rosemary, frankincense, & other traditional fragrances used for psychic and spiritual protection.

Mystics and occultists know the planetary day and hour for creating ritual objects impacts the spiritual power of that object. Visit the CANDLES BLOG for more information and an overview of the importance to the pour. ( @ 10:30 PM EDT: 30° 19' 54" N / 81° 39' 20" W.)

In the Western Mystery Tradition, the veil between the worlds is thinnest on All Hallow's Eve. These candles were poured in prayerful attention for blessing and protection for the user, their home, family and dwelling..

This year, protection candles are very black with crystalline feathering. They are excellent candles to gather strength, or to request spiritual, physical or psychic protection for your self or loved ones.


Each protection candle comes with a powerful prayer or ritual affirmation written by Ann George to call down ancient energies to protect the body, mind and spirit.

An emphemirs is also included on the label so you may see the aspects of the pour. *The numbers of the price of the candle, when added together, total 9. Nine is Foundation - the Sphere of the Moon on the Tree of Life, and a powerful number ritual work..

These candles are also known as Hex Breaking Candles or Uncrossing Candles in other traditions. They are not for every day use. Free Shipping by Priority Mail in the USA only.

If you require advice on psychic disturbances, paranormal events, metaphysical or occult issues, Ann George is available by appointment for Spiritual Consultations.


Due to the Energetic Nature of these candles, All Sales Are Final. Contact Ann George Studios before you order if you have any questions.

Ritual candles are handled by no one but their maker. Discover the difference. From my hand to yours....... Ann George.

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Ann George Studios is a Green Company. We use palm oil wax from renewable resources which is purchased in bulk from local suppliers. All candles are shipped in cardboard (we purchase recycled packing boxes when possible) and packed with either cornstarch peanuts, wood shreds or recycled packing materials.
Energy saving light bulbs, recycled office papers and energy efficient appliances are used.