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The greatest magic is inner magic, the magic of transforming the mind, for with your thoughts you create your reality.

To create effective candle ritual it is best to be of clear mind when you make your request and light your candle. It is critical that you intend that the flame serve as a symbol of your desire.

Then your use of candles empowers the ritual, or meditation because ritual candles combine color and scent with a single flame... a dancing, living energy that lights the space as it burns.

As the flame consumes the ritual candle, it releases the appropriate fragrance as well as the energy of your hearts' desire into the energy of all things.

It is your words, your hopes & your intent that make any ritual have meaning. Tools, such as candles, or incense, are used to help you focus your intent and one you with the ritual as you request Divine assistance.

As the candle burns... so your prayer lives. You can reconnect with the ancients...part again of all souls creating light in the darkness.

I am certain that candle ritual changes the world, the inner world of mind that creates the outer world of experience.

I am also convinced that the quality of the ritual candle, the timing & intent of it's creation can be of supreme benefit to your ritual. It is matter of sacred tools for sacred work.

CANDLE RITUAL & INTENT natural wax candles

Mystics and occultists know the planetary day and hour for creating ritual objects impacts the spiritual power of that object.

The fine nuances of timing, astrology, color, fragrance and intent should all be carefully considered when you purchase a candle for ritual.

As I found it difficult to buy candles that offered the benefit of appropriate color, combination of herbal fragrances & proper timing... I began pouring candles for myself, and ultimately my clients.

Intent, the focused energy with which a magical candle is created, is most important to consider when buying any sacred object.

I moon pour ritual candles with the intent that you achieve the specified outcome and that harm come to none. Candles are handled by no one but their maker, so there are no other energies affecting them.

natural wax candles

While some suggest that it is best to leave a candle burning constantly, I find it is far more effective to light your candle every day until it is gone.

If you repeat your prayer at least ten times with each lighting and stay in prayer or meditation while the candle burns you demonstrate the depth of your desire and devotion. You retrain you mind... affirming your outcome in the present tense.

When you have finished, thank the Divine as you understand it for granting your request, ask that harm come to none, and extinguish the flame. Do not leave the burning candle unattended!

A unique meditation ritual is included with each candle you purchase. Skillfully worded, each is designed to help you reframed your understanding of the world, help heal your mind, body or spirit, and to empower you to re-create your future.

CANDLE BURNING & PSYCHIC SCAMS natural wax candles

While I mention that my primary purpose in pouring ritual candles was to have access to candles poured with moon phases & planetary influences observed, it is important to mention my second purpose. I wanted to offer some of my new clients a way to return to confidence in their personal power. Let me explain.

In the city where I opened my first studio, I received many calls from people asking me if I did "work". What the callers specifically wanted to know was if I would burn candles for them, particularly to return lost loves, to get money or to banish negative people or influences.. for a fee!

It seemed there were some unscrupulous "psychics" who scammed the vulnerable by convincing them that they (the client) MUST HAVE "help".*

Further these psychic scammers insisted that only they (that psychic) could help that client. They offered to do "work" which often consisted of burning candles for that client. These candles were often expensive and it was often the case many candles had to be purchased again & again as somehow the clients has "complicated" the work to be done.

What I intended to address by pouring ritual candles was the need for new clients in particular to be able to perform their own magical work and thus claim their personal power. I set out to create the best possible ritual candles for the work they wanted to do.

I do not encourage my clients to surrender their personal power to another. I am sure that if you want to change your life, you must do the work necessary to create that change. The affirmations I include with my ritual candles are designed to empower you.

* Please know: I do not intend to disparage valid spiritual traditions (Voodoo, Ifa, Yoruba, or Shamanic) where the local mystic and recognized leader of that spiritual tradition accepts offerings for spiritual practices within the confines of that faith. Nor I am referring to religious candle offerings to deities.

The article above is simply my observation about psychic scams and candle magic. I feel confident listing this information as scam information because the new clients who came to me after these experiences were quite sure they had been scammed. The results they paid for... hoped for.... did not occur. Many felt foolish because they had spent quite a bit of money with no result.

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