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The Energy Healing Pages at Ann George Studios

Welcome to the energy healing portal. Here you will find articles about many forms of energy healing. I am confident that the human person is a dynamic, vibrational energy field, moving in an even more mysterious & wonderful energy landscape. These pages are written to introduce you to some of your many choices.


Usui Reiki Energy healing is now a widely accepted form of healing that is now practiced in traditional medical settings. When I first began working with Reiki in 1988, it was an unknown healing art in my town and viewed with suspicion. The links to the right offer my perspective on Reiki. If you are ready to book a session, just click HERE.


You can use the online scheduling too found on this page to pay and schedule. I recommend that clients receive Reiki Healing at the end of their work day if possible. At that time please relax in a calm place, undisturbed, for 15 minutes while I "send" you Reiki. As well, please read the Reiki Disclaimer. There are appointments to choose from on the calendar.

It is important that you send me the exact physical location where you will receive your Reiki treatment. I also need to know your time zone. It is helpful, but not necessary, if you are able to send a current photo. The apoiintment calendar provides options to provide all this information.



Reiki is just a click away. You can schedule and pay for your session with this link. Always call with questions. I am at 904-993-7466. If you are not in the Untied States, please know Reiki can be sent anywhere. I have had clients as far away as Southern India and the Baltic. All experienced benefits. Reiki is a "do no harm" modality.


Energy Healing is a much broader term that covers many, many healing modalities. Some methods are those we can apply to ourselves such as the spiritual/physical healing practices of yoga or tai chi. From the mundane to the bizarre, energy healing has proven effective & empowering for many people all over the world.


Not to be confused with scams designed to frighten you by "seeing" dark clouds, gray bands, or other ominous colors in your energy field, aura cleansing is a way to describe an ancient process of cleaning the energy field that surrounds your physical body. I will offer that service when I return to live sessions. Meanwhile, Reiki treatments are very useful to restore your energy system to balance.


Another form of energy healing is that of House Blessing. This ritual has been offered by Catholic priests as well as by shamans in tribal villages. The premise is similar to that of Aura Cleansing. Traditionally, an herbal smoke is offered to purify or pacify the energies in the home. Some cultures freely acknowledge that deities inhabit a location. Other cultures allow for both light & dark energies to be present in a place.

My article tries to address this issue from the landscape point of view as may be practical for your life style. In a time when scented candles & petroleum based fabric fresheners are readily available to make the home smell fresh.. how much more useful will it be to use natural, earth friendly products to actually make the home energetically fresh?

I am offering House Blessing services by appointment only. These are remote sessions to ensure we all stay safe. Please call 904-993-7466 to discuss this service. Serious inquires only please.


I have had several very powerful healings of this kind. One of the best was a Didjeridoo healing by a very gifted therapist. It is impossible to describe, however I do offer a Didjeridoo Meditation in the Healing Books section that will help you have an idea about the power of this instrument.

Other methods of vibrational healing including chanting (especially when you create the chant or emanate the chant from the heart center, or "hold the sound in your chest"), drum healing, singing bowl healing & crystal bowl healing. All of these methods create both a sound & an energy field that, if managed by a skillful healer, will have a beneficial effect on your well-being.


In closing this little portal, I mention spiritual counseling as the final form of energy healing, for what human energy can be more powerful than the Mind. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the demands on our time & attention by work, home, friends, family and other responsibilities. We may have accepted a false idea, a limiting concept, a negative message that is now coloring our world view.. and causing us pain.

Spiritual counseling is beneficial to help you realign your mind with your fundamental spiritual values. A good spiritual consultant will be able to hear past the chaos of the mundane to provide you clarity & insight. You are welcome to book your session by clicking HERE.

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