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Make Your Appointment Today. Psychic Sessions with Tarot - the best of both!     .

tarot master Psychic readings are available Sunday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time. All seesions are by appointment! To Book your In Person, Phone or Zoom reading just use this online calendar, the button is right here.
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Past Life Readings & Mediumship serivces are also available, you don't have to make your choice to book, just choose the session length you want. You will always receive honest answers to your questions. If
you are new to psychic services, please be sure to read the article entitled "Help Me Ask My Questions".

Call 904-993-7466 to meet me before your appointment, and of couse with any questions about the process. I also offer Spritual Consultations  for those who want some mentoring. Visit my FaceBook page to stay up to date with new sessions, services.             

Which Session Length To Choose?

In general, the Fifteen Minute Reading is good if you have one or two pressing questions that are fairly straight forward or one question that seems very complicated and may require a follow-up question. If you want to discuss the answers to your questions, or if you prefer to tell me all about your concerns, then the half hour session is your best choice.

In the Half Hour Reading, I am often able to answer four to six questions. This session is the one most clients prefer, and does give us time to explore such topics as your relationship concerns, career decisions, the desire to relocate and other life changing matters in a way that will give you a lot of information in a short time.

The The 45 Minute Reading is best for clients who prefer to talk about issues, share concerns, and offer feedback & follow-up information to the answers revealed in the session. I do not recommend this reading for first time clients. I think it is best to choose one of the shorter sessions to see if you are comfortable with me as your personal psychic consultant, and if you feel we work well together.
To Order a Past Life Reading

Please take a moment to visit the article on past life readings prior to making your payment. It is best to order the half hour session to be sure we find all the relevant past lives possible.
Some clients find freedom from obsession and phobia when the Tarot reveals the past life origin of these psychic problems

To Order a Consultation About Paranormal Events

For advice on paranormal phenomena, psychic disturbances, or unexplained events, you may are invited to choose a spiritual counseling session. Please visit my counseling page for more information. This session is also suggested for those who have psychic development questions, those who are beginning to "see", and those who need a second opinion about things that go bump in the night.

Consultations for students of Tarot, students of the occult, the paranormal and other esoteric courses of study are available and fall into the Spiritual Consultation category. These sessions are not readings, but conversations designed to answer questions you may have about your own spiritual journey. Simply click that option in my booking menu.

Other Consultation Services
You may not need a psychic reading today. You may need to be heard, to be validated and to receive gentle suggestions about changes you can make to help you feel more confident & balanced as you move through your day.

People have shared that I bring a calming spiritual perspective to the struggles of day to day life. Whether you need a sounding board, advice on spiritual or metaphysical concerns, or just to "get it off your chest" I am available to listen and to help you hear what your heart is saying. Appointment information for these sessions is now online.

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