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Questions to ask your Tarot card reader. How to have an accurate Tarot reading.

tarot master If you are new to clairvoyant Tarot readings, this site is filled with informative articles as well as links to blogs to help you feel more comfortable with the Tarot reading process. Please take time to read some of the useful the articles here before you call or come in for your reading.

One of the most important considerations when consulting psychic is how to ask questions that will give you the clarity, insight and direction you need. It is very important to remember that we are all co-creating our futures. Our present is an out picturing of past thought. Tarot reveals the inner and outer circumstances that are affecting us, empowering us to make healthy choices. Scroll down for tips on asking useful questions.

Use the online calendar to schedule your appointment for a telephone reading. Clairvoyant Tarot readings are available by phone with me, Ann George, Sunday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time. Pricing & scheduling information is posted on the calendar page. Please note that I do not offer "card by card readings", I offer psychic readings with Tarot.  
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Ask Empowering Questions.

I am a question specific reader, so I don't offer "general" readings. I believe it is best if you ask your questions in a way that will give you some power over your path. I do not "make predictions" nor do I "give advice." I provide honest answers to your questions. If the answer is unfortunate, we are always able to look for other options. I do offer a Spiritual Consultation however. If you prefer psychic insights on the "Now" this is the reading for you. You may choose this session from the Calendar.

Remember, the answer revealed will be specific to the question you are asking. If the Tarot should reveal an answer to an unasked question, I will ask your permission to reveal that answer. My purpose is to provide clarity and direction where possible. 904-993-7466 for more information.
Suggested Questions for an Accurate Tarot Reading.
Affirming that you are not a feather in the winds of time, I will gently help you remember that you are a co-creator of your future. Useful questions might be:
  • Show me how to attract a healthy relationship.
  • Show me why past relationships have failed.
  • Show me how to improve my chances for marriage.
  • You may ask any question you wish. Through the oracle of Tarot answers to very specific questions such as:
  • Show me the outcome of choosing this new job opportunity.
  • Show me the outcome of changing careers at this time.
  • Show me the outcome of continuing my current relationship.
  • Show me how to resolve personell troubles at work?
  • will be answered. Some clients want to know the answer to more general questions such as:
  • Why am I here? What am I supposed to do now?
  • This question must be specified to address a life area. We all have a spiritual, emotional, professional and financial aspect to our lives. The Tarot is an excellent tool to help you find your way, but to cast such a broad net is not useful. It is more useful to refine the question as is shown below.
  • What is my best path to success in ____________?
  • Is there a deeper meaning to this conflict?
  • After each question has been answered, Ann George will pause to ask if you have any follow-up questions and to be sure you comfortably understand your reading.
    If you hope to gain insight into the life of a friend, lover or family member, it is very important that you include your self in the question. For example, if you are worried about a child, the best way to gain as much insight as is possible is to ask:
    • "Show me the best way to parent ________________ at this time."
    If you are wondering what troubles your partner, the please ask:
    • Show me the best way to befriend ______________ at this time.

    If you prefer an "in person" session I am currently offering Zoom sessions! I have a phsycial office at 1506 King Street, Jacksonville, FL 3005.... but due to Covid, I am reading from my virutal office. I think you will like it.

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