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Which Tarot is used? Tips on the nature of Tarot Cards for Pyschic Readings.

tarot master I believe a deeper understanding of the oracle of Tarot will help you use this ancient tool for your greatest good. Thus, the following brief introduction:
Tarot cards are a picture book of wisdom that is a synthesis of four ancient cultures: the Hebrew, Egyptian, Chaldean, and the cultures of India. Tarot cards address the human experience, specifically one's relationship with the planet, other beings, the self, and the Divine.

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The Book of Tarot

The book of Tarot opens with the concept of Unmanifest Potential, then moves to address primary truths of birth, adulthood, middle age and decline.
Tarot cards speak in terms of force, form, androgyny and renewal. They use the language of number as symbol of Divine personality, and element as symbol of practical experience.
Tarot decks contain 36 cards which are each 10 degrees of the sphere of the Zodiac and so mirrors the celestial influences on our lives.
Tarot also speaks in Archetypes through the Major Arcana to reveal the Greater Spiritual aspects that apply to your current situations.

Each tarot card is a page in this picture book and each card has at least 10 possible interpretations. There are 78 cards in a traditional Tarot deck so we have at least 780 possibilities reflected. You see, we have a rich and vast resource for clarity... a fantastic book of mirrors.
In person, you have a choice of decks. However, all decks are arranged in the same order every reading. In this way the Tarot serves as a constant and you, the Seeker, are the variable.

I will use either the Hermetic Tarot deck, the Thoth or the Archeon Tarot for our Phone or Zoom Sessions. They have all proved to be accurate and empowering resources for divination. They are also "correct" from an Hermetic point of view. Thank you.

Other Consultation Services

Consultations for students of Tarot, the occult, the paranormal and other esoteric courses of study are available. These are referred to as Spiritual Consultations. They are best used to help you resolve questions about your psychic development, your study of an esoteric or occult topic, or just as a "check in" for seekers on a path. You may book that Consultation using the appointment bar above. These sessions are not readings, but conversations designed to answer questions you may have about your own spiritual journey.

Please know that I am a clairvoyant person, and as such I am able to provide readings without Tarot. However, I strongly prefer to offer you the most accurate answers possible, and Tarot provides me a second look at all aspects of your answer. It is a tool we use to open the Akashic record at this important time. I read the landscape of the spread and do not offer card by card readngs. I do not offer a "Card by Card" reading. I am psychic. I offer Mediumship services . I don't need to be in the same space with you to see your future. I do need your open minded willingness to lift the viel.

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