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Past Life Readings with a Clairvoyant Medium

tarot master Clairvoyant readings, or psychic readings with Tarot often reveal all or part of a past life.

I have given hundreds of past life readings that bring clients to breakthrough moments in their spiritual development. Often we bring gifts from another life time, sometimes we are seeking lost loves or friends we promised to find again. Sometime we are face to face with a dilemma we swore to face differntly "next time". We are all infinte in spirit.

If you do wish explore past lives during a reading, then it is best to start the session with the question, "Show me my most relevant past life." This will give time for us to find that lifetime & explore it fully. Of course it is best to be prepared with other questions. As in mediumship readings, I don't know what we will find until we begin, so it is best to be prepared to make full use of your time.

Once you have decided on a "Past Life" reading I will take you on a guided meditation to open the doors of the Akashic and together we wil explore your soul history. Of course these sessions are completely confidential. All sessions are.

Phone sessions Sunday - Friday from 10:00 - 7:00 PM.


Tarot Reveals Past Lives

Past lives are often revealed because you are in contact with a person you have known in a previous existence. You may feel as if you have know the other person all your life. You may feel as if you have found a kindred spirit or soul mate.

Sometimes you may be in a lifetime overlay. Time is looped on itself like a ribbon, and your past lives may be hovering as you try to learn, to heal or to be free of the influence of a previous existence.

The Benefits of Past Lives Readings
Often a very powerful psycho-spiritual healing occurs during this type of reading. You are returned to a deep awareness of self. Great clarity is achieved, and your hidden talents and skills are rediscovered.

Secret fears can vanish in the light of awareness of their origin. Lingering guilt can be released and penance incarnations can be transformed from a time of suffering to one of loving service to others
Further, the awareness that nothing dies, can come fully home to the consciousness. The challenge remains to find our way home.

How Best to Prepare for a Past Lives Session.

I strongly recommend that you purchase the half hour reading time for a past life reading. We really cannot know the Tarot will reveal one full past life or important glimpses of many lives that affect your now. As well, it is useful to have some present time questions on hand. We never really know how many past lives will be revealed, and it is best to allow for as many as possible to surface. Should there be only one or two - then we can address concerns of this life.

Clairvoyant Tarot card readings are available by telephone or Zoom with Ann George Sunday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern Time. You may also have an "in person" reading when circumstances allow us to meet safetly. Call 904-993-7466 with any questions before your appointment

If you prefer a live reading please call to make an appointment. My new Zoom Room is ready, so you may enjoy a face to face session without driving! Follow me on FaceBook for the updates on meeting times, as well as interesting posts on astrology, the mystic and occassonal Studio updates.