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What Happens in a Tarot Reading? How do you spread the cards?

tarot master This article explains the spread of Tarot cards I have used successfully for over 20 years. It is my hope that this article will help you have a better understanding of the process of Tarot consultaitons and how information is revealed.
I am a clairvoyant Tarot consultant which means that your reading will not be a card by card interpretation of the spread. I use the Tarot as a visual landscape to validate the "knowing" that occurs for me when we agree to see the future.

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Spreading the Tarot Cards

I will spread 16 cards for each of your questions. Each tarot spread will thoroughly answer the question from both a practical and spiritual perspective. Answers to related questions, often as yet unasked, may be revealed by this process.
The first Tarot card turned reveals the spiritual nature your question and provides a reference point for the rest of your reading.
This card indicates the primary spiritual influences at work, whether from within your wisdom mind stream, or without as a result of causes & conditions.

Revealing The Importance of Past Actions & Events

The three Tarots to my left hand reveal the important past experiences that affect the outcome your question. Revealing the past often helps you see the present from a new or perhaps more clear perspective and may help you get a new plan for the future.

As well, this portion of the reading often identifies and validates actions, events and emotions that are affecting the present situation. Sometimes these are events that have occurred in the past few weeks. In other cases, the past revealed speaks to ideas that have lain dormant in your mind for many years.

Tarot Shows the Relative Present &  How To Change the Future.
The three Tarots in the center of the spread reveal the most important matters that affect the outcome of your question in the relative present. These tarot cards usually reveal events that are 10 days past or 10 days ahead relevant to your question.

When you receive this information, you may choose to use it to change the course of your future. Sometimes, the picture of the present revealed in his way may seem different than your understanding of what is happening. This phenomenon is one of the great benefits of consulting a professional reader. The perspective revealed in the reading process is free of prior knowledge, providing you an objective second opinion.. which you may very well discard.

However, the clairvoyant reading process coupled with the visual imagery of Tarot, reveals the present which is where you might begin to make changes in your life that can bring you the future you are hoping for.

Six Tarot Reveal the Future and The Answer To Your Question
The six Tarot cards farthest from me reveal the future outcome of your question. This future is based on the past and present influences that have been revealed. If the future revealed is not one you want to experience, remember you have the freedom and the power to effect change.

You can change your choices in the present or heal issues that are unresolved from your past to recreate your future. Of course, if you change nothing, the outcome revealed through consulting the Tarot is the outcome you are co-creating and the one you may expect to occur.

Environmental Influences - Events Over Which We Have Little Control

There are three tarot cards in the spread that reveal circumstances over which we have little control. They are the three tarot cards to my right hand which reveal the Gifts of the Universe, also known as Environmental Influences.

These Tarots reveal people we will meet, blessings we may receive, lessons to learn, or events that will occur. Knowing about them we can make best use of these opportunities or difficulties when they arise.

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