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You will have the best psychic reading if you have thought about your questions carefully. If you are not sure what to ask during your psychic reading, please read this article written to help you ask your psychic questions in the most useful and empowering way possible.

It is important to ask your psychic questions in a way that will offer you direction & clarity regarding your situation. Whether you want information about relationships, love or marriage, career success or spiritual development, it is best if you ask your questions in a way that validates your personal power.

I am happy to help you phrase your questions if you are not sure how to ask them. Scroll down for more information about asking your questions.

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Ask Your Psychic Questions from the "Active" Perspective

Asking psychic questions from an active perspective yields the most useful information in a psychic reading. For example the question: "Will I get divorced?" yields a "yes" or "no" answer which leaves little room change. "Should I" is another example of passive thought or a passive question that can inhibit the flow of your psychic reading.

"Show me how" is empowered language! "Show me the benefits of choosing to" or "Show me the pitfalls of deciding to" are also helpful ways phrase your questions to receive clear direction. Some examples of useful questions are:

  • Show me the outcome of continuing my marriage.
  • Show me the outcome of leaving my partner.
  • Show me the best way to heal my current relationship
  • Show me the best way to success in my current job.
  • Show me the meaning of my relationship with_____.
  • Show me my most important past life.
  • Show me the best path to right love.
  • Show me to outcome of moving to____________.
  • What is the best way to help my child/parent/spouse at this time?

What Kinds of Questions Should One Ask a Psychic Reader?

You may ask any question you wish. I will not make judgments about your lifestyle. My spiritual responsibility is to provide accurate and complete answers to your questions to the best of my ability.

Some questions are not best asked in a psychics reading. I do not believe readings should ever replace or be used instead of seeking a medical diagnosis, getting sound legal advice or seeking mental health treatment from a skilled professional.

However, using psychic readings to receive information about the most useful way to proceed in situations where the advice of a doctor, lawyer or other traditional consultant has already been obtained is often a very good idea.

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