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Tarot Cards: Suggested Tarot Cards for Serious Students

tarot master I am pleased to publish this brief collection of Tarots that I find to be excellent tools for divination. I also feature some that are brilliant study decks, while others are so very lovely I am sure you will enjoy the art. For a full list of Tarot books and decks I recommend, please visit the Bookstore on this site.
I feel it is very important that the deck you purchase be in accord with traditonal Hermetic principles, most importantly I feel strongly that there should be two male and two female court cards.
Many popular decks offer a Knight, Queen, King and Page for the Court Cards and I find this out of balance as the page is most always male in appearance.
Looking at the Tree Of Life you can see all is in balance, in equipose. The male, the female and the androgyne.
If you are a new student, then it is best to get cards that include an instruction book that will get you to the heart of the origin of interpretation as quickly as possible. There are many books that will tell you What each card means, but the adept will know the "Why" of the meaning.

The Archeaon Tarot

archeon tarot I recommend this deck for accurate readings for the professionalTarot consultant. I find it especially useful to come quickly to the heart of the matter in love readingss, as well as issues of spiritual development and mediums work when needed. The card stock is durable and easy to handle.
This deck provides a stunning & appropriate combination of multi-cultural visual imagery. The images are perfectly chosen to reflect the Hermetic/Tree of Life values associated with the Minor Arcana in particular. Hermetic principles are also followed in the court cards which offer two male & two female images per suit.
This is a subtle deck. By this I mean the color scheme doesn't overwhelm but facilitates divination. The images of human figures have a fine art quality, and yet are not surreal or pretentious. World cultures are represented, and the deck has timeless, or archetypal imagery. The images are quite rich in Earth tones, which I find grounding and an excellent launch to the Akashic.

The Hermetic Tarot

hermetic tarot Here is an excerpt from a more extensive review of this deck.. a must have for any serious student:
"This deck is one of the few that easily reveals the planetary influences at work in a matter, or the overall spread and thus lends itself to shades of meaning relevant to the seeker's own elemental nature and birth sign. Each card is visually identified with corresponding planets, aspects, and elements. These qualities alone improve the student's ability to grasp the possibility of deeper levels of understanding in the book of Tarot ...and to expand the readers' scope of divination. "
Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot
thoth tarotWhen the Hermetic Tarot went out of print some years ago, the Thoth became my working deck. It is excellent. I believe that all good readers develop a personal relationship with Tarot, and the certain decks are pivotal in the evolution of divination.
I believe working with the Thoth marked a crucial turning point for me.
It is my experience that it is demanding. That I must have a firm foundation in the Tree of Life, the Astrology of Tarot, as well as interpretations of cards from folk lore, wandering traditions, and the world view of magical or fatalisitic cultues.
The Thoth Deck is a good ally when reading for those steeped in the Voudoun, Ifa, Yoruba or Root Working world views. Please note that these are my own views, quick glances at complex artwork & mystic theory. I hope you find these notes useful.
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